Beyond the world

Greenery reflects the paradise

The fragrance of flowers moor me to another world

Where filaments, petals show the Nature of smoothness kindness softness

Swaying the floks and all other branches were dancing in joy it made me took deeper towards to Nature

Parts of mud show the annihilate

Eternal is only Allah I realized

Clouds were breaking up to reveal the blue transparent sky which shows me his cover of protection

Limb every limb shows the strong power, strong power of Almighty(Al-Mateen)

Have you ever noticed the life of a new flower and when petals turned older and fall then again I realized the concept of life and death

Few sanctuaries took me deeper into nature, Somewhere to listen to the wind, Birds, ponder the clouds everything has a deeper message of the kindness of love of humbleness of humility It makes me an explorer unexplained

The beauty of Nature has no adulterated

It’s pure its the sign of peace



Hi hope you all are doing great  today want to share my view about SELF-OBSERVATION- I




SELF-OBSERVATION-I: Very first want to share what recently I started to do is SELF-OBSERVATION to value my nature start to do self-care self-observation is important because through that we can be able do positive changes in ourself few things are naturally attached with our nature I think I’m from one of those people who understand emotions & situations very well these things naturally come from inside I empathize to people whenever I felt right moment yes naturally these things come from inside of my heart and I have no over control on my nature so I decided to appreciate my self for doing for positive changes in myself and realize i should have to accept my nature and it is the best way rather tend to do self-blaming/discouragement/Regrates but the lagitimate way is to do good and live in present self-love is important because it’s not a conditional base to do love and wants same love, Acceptance of nature is important because we can not go far from our nature we can try for positive changes (Note; It’s written formally on the base of nature/Acceptance/self-appreciation don’t take it on egoistic level)

SELF-OBSERVATION/Acceptance-II: Before I couldn’t value my nature not accept, Neither focus assumptions which mind clicking to be aware which I usually Ignore, I can feel in seconds what next person who is sitting in front of me how he/she consider me or from the way of talking I realize any one’s nature but I realize people wear a fake mask on their face and show innocence in their nature I can say my sixth sense works very quickly my assumptions always nock me to be alert I usually ignore and things turned into a worse situation so I decided to accept my nature, I wonder it would be right to be ready to control on situations before it gets worse for me (NOTE; Don’t take it as judgemental, It’s written on the base of just self-observation/acceptance)


I’m habitual to talk to myself about many things either good or happens bed in surrounding or about the personal matter and I tried to focused on the right perspective which is my good habit some times it’s very important to do self hug for self-importance its important to talk to your self and said to your self it’s a good thing in you and then hides your self from few things I’m telling why it is important? Try to be authentic or being helpful or kind is too good but value to yourself is more important because when you realize you’re in between jealous people who want the spotlight on you to discourage you to reduce your confidence and tried to create worse situations for you to be on knee down and valueless so just think its cautionary! I’m surprised I never can count hate behind smiles on faces few people naturally fight with words and few fight hiddenly  because of the jealousy factor in actual they don’t use legitimate way & start to doing wrong they are doing no good to themself & never even realize, I couldn’t understand why people don’t value the reality but they love to being copy cutter legitimate thing is to show what you’re instead of being photocopy be a real one, One side they follow us another side they bite us on our back its shocking thing is for me and worthless too (NOTE; Here I am not talking about what kind of issues I am facing in these days but it’s about our nature is different from our surrounding people and how it’s cautionary)


I usually habitual is do I give priority to the person in my circle who I felt is week or wants to enhance the personality or want the spotlight in between the circle want value in between circle so for their self-encouragement I tried to support them for self-encouragement but in few cases, those attack me on my back and then I realize what my sixth sense clicked me be aware, be aware don’t be too good 😁😂people are back biters (NOTE; It’s informally written but I’m highlighting result when we do blind trust so blind trust is not good at all)

A wise mind is a very important need is to not giving chance to people of backbiting need to be strong and to be mentally ready for every situation to control on situations being good or doing good for others is the sign of purity and kindness but being aware from nature of people of our circle is more important for ourself 

We don’t need to highlight ourselves, we are confident or wise or we’re so many well-wishers or created only for doing good😁 need is of doing good, never expect good from anyone, being aware of evil eye and being ready for every challenge


Changes come when we change ourself

Content related to my life, How I polished my self part-I


Hopefully, everything is well with you all.

Welcome to this blog why you need to touch this blog if you want to how to be strong how to be a discussion maker and how we could be our best friend ever!

If you want to know how you can be our motivation; so this blog is for__________________________________you:

I’m from Pakistan I belong from a Muslim family and my family is combined we are taught to be humble be kind be loving and being acceptable


It’s a very natural thing our perspective never be same as for others, If we’re  treated kindly and taught to be helpful and kind does not mean we accept same from others it’s just a point from my side do always best but never expect from anyone

In this blog firstly want to tell you about my background and family and culture, and few self-awareness points then I will share how I was than how I formed my capabilities how I change my self now what I am

I have put one exercise for you all don’t miss that exercise while reading

My background:

My entired background is very simple, I belong from simple people!

My father is not a landlord or I’m not from any high landlord family, I used landlord word because Sindhis are landlord people to be known in the world somewhere, But my definition about my people are very kind loving, and caring, and very welcoming

A little touch of my “RICHEST CULTURE” and beautiful culture in the world:

I belong to the richest culture in the world which has strong roots in the Indus valley civilization Sindh has natural resources, The first definition of the sindhi culture emanates from that over the 7000-years old Indus civilization that was Arayan period about 3,000 years BC (According to the history) Sindhi people are very simple and traditional welcoming Sindhis have their language, Folk, Tradition, Costumes, Sindhis lifestyle is different from neighborhood religions, The centuries and old history has given to Sindh the strong tradition customs, Sindhi celebrates its cultural day at the end of the year Sindhi people are divided among Pakistan India and living in all over countries, Sindhis have its unique music traditional music simple music is performed at studios and even gatherings but specially SUFI music performed at shrines, Sindh has one of the worlds oldest pieces of literature, In 9th and 10th-century QURAN was translated from the

Arabic language into the first eastern language and that was the Sindhi language, I love my culture

Musical instruments
Shrine of Lal-Shahbaz Qalandar canvas Sindhi print
Sindhi music

About my family:

  my big bro is working at government university on a good scale and my father is a retired university employee government job status is different as compare to private job its lifetime guarantee even government will support you after retirement well in my family we are 6 siblings included me

we are four sisters I’m third last and we have big two brothers, My mother is a housewife and simple writer she wrote articles from her young age on her life

Her only dream was to provide education to her children’s the struggle she faced in her life during to provide education among us! That time was the worse time for her because of hurdles and whenever she has faced any panic situation she tries to take out her pain through pen and paper in the form of writing she was tried to convert her panic situation into beautiful inspirational words for her for our future, My mother’s writings are in our language and that is “SINDHI”

My siblings are educated and their passion is teaching my brothers have their institute where they facilitate youth to well known about IT field in our area common institutes timing is evening time so at evening time they run their institute and sisters passion is teaching so they are teachers in school from starting I saw “ami” My mother she gives religious education to the neighbor children so entired environmental is of to teach and to learn for the thirst of knowledge Abu Ami both usually read out books of SINDHI culture and much more even on world level but in our Sindhi language or Urdu, not English

Little bit more about me:

I have two brothers and their wife’s I have also one nephew and two sweet nieces they are attached with me and with every family member their innocence attract me when I play with them I take me aside and put real me with them I spend time with them and enjoy their company too_______________________________About my childhood:

From my childhood age, I was very talkative and extroverted, I loved to write to read think what it could be! I used to read little storybooks and write about the things whom I loved stupidly or innocently wrote about art or make a schedule on little dairy what I would have to do on daily basis, Still, I have remembered I was used little dairy beautifully decorated with pasted stickers with lock and key

At that time those things were my whole world whenever I left my dairy or the key of the dairy lock for me that moment was to be crazy to find again

A girl

From educated background


Not the discussion maker!

I belonged to an educated environment but for myself, I couldn’t choose the four-year education which relays on my future that was not chosen by my own! That was Mathematics and Mathematics was not my priority ever but get admission in the department of mathematics for graduation just continued as my brother and father suggest me even I was not able to convince them I’m not complaining or never like the regrates in my life but that’s a reality I did wring with my self I admire and take a step for me to change my self

Just one step for self awareness

for my future and the peace of mind and heart to I started to found out to me from my inner heart that what am I? I’m happy today I started to face the situation unfortunately before I was not! I am surprised I was not doing it before! what I want in my life I started to walk out to the people who realize what I’m I realized I did wrong does not mean I sit back and lets things happen no I did struggle and try to do what I love to do (start blogging is one of the examples of that) want to tell you here on fact! When we couldn’t face any situation we just try to find stupidly a corner and try to hide face from situations it’s a fake formula it couldn’t work for long we are just thinking we are on the center of the world no it’s not like that no one is more important for anyone people are important for their self we are scared about people and hide ourself from situations we need to be fearless and confident

I started to set few points when ever my mind started to stuck:

We have to live we have to face and the main thing is to create a path from tortured situations transparently, I can not say now I did not do anything for myself I tried I create away, I’m able to create my little happiness by my self even I’m using blog account for my happiness for my passion if I never fell in love with blogging I not allowed my self to write any single word because I pass out from the worse time when I was not able to raise voice against the things which I don’t love to be with me why I started to choose to be a blogger


I believe to get rid of ignorance I can write, What I want, I love to learn, I love to share my thoughts coming out from worse days in peaceful days it’s my success worse days was when no one was my true friend with no one I can share anything but now I have books and these are my best friends and I can use the pen to express my thoughts so with the period I learn to handle the situations and learn how important is to create happiness without the friend’s circle we are more important for ourself


we need to appreciate ourselves rather than expecting anybody can appreciate us we need to first appreciate our little courage so self-love is important and acceptance is more important for self-love, To appreciating ourselves is the form of self-love we Must need to accept our skin color

Must need to accept our body shaping without any fear we need to accept our  imperfections in the perfect way we are best in our way we have our style to wear Ie have our style to express our thoughts to talk to highlight the things at least we are not the photocopy we are real and it’s our uniqueness

What is important?

Important is to find our hidden talent our hidden capabilities our interest degrees never matter skills matter and need to  polish our skills, Whatever it could be  singing, writing, Blogging or reblogging, there are many copy cutters so I choose a reblogging word because the best way is to reblogging rather choose wrong way make it right reblogging Is best way don’t copy any one’s content and there is no need to change the entired meaning of any ones thought you’re doing a fake game with yourself try to value the reality, Might be you’re more uniquely created your hidden talent can be more unique it could be  good talking to expressing things well, your skills can make your life

Focus on your intrust now I’m going to talk one little point might be it’s incertain for anyone, I am somehow scared should I write or not but If I am going to miss this point I think I will main point so the point is if your parents are pushing you to be a doctor in your future and you want to be an IT doctor so focus on your interest, I am not saying to be not a doctor, No but I just want to stop you to being a bad doctor you can be best in your field which relays with your passion your future can be satisfied and more successful for you with the hard work for your choosable field

Just do hard work but the thing is to not wait for the right time will come with great surprise perfection will never sweep into your life it is the production of hard work might be I’m not a good blogger but I am trying to express my thoughts in my way, Might be my content can change any ones wrong  perspective into right and definitely it will be my success

We are very close to ourself we need to be our best friend:

We are best buddy for our self we can enjoy our own company so we don’t need huge friends or a group of chill buddies

We can be best for ourselves without a good look we can do good for others as well


Imperfections can make us unique no one is perfect no one believe me no one has created with perfections! We try to make ourselves best one we just need to polish our skills (Here is the exercise for you look at your right hand you have lines on right side of the hand now keep it close to your face you can see lines on your front side of the hand now again keep it very close to your eyes now close your eyes with your hands finally you can not be visible to see the lines of your hand this is how you’re close to your self & that’s why you are not able to focus on your capabilities, Try to spend time with your self and found your real skills

Set your paradigm and smart goal, not imaginary highlight milestones hurdles make a plan about how to overcome and set achievable time for your set paradigm

How I was and now what I am:

I was not a decision-maker not much confident, over-thinker and never appreciate my self I started to work to know about myself I set few points for me to overcome from overthinking start to do self-appreciation I love to do art so I do art to make myself happy, as per my thought happiness is the creation which you can create for your self, not anyone else can make happiness for you, Now I am confident I am wise I live with my style I believe changes come when you worked to change yourself

My first watercolor painted sheet


From drop to the occasion :

Peace the real peace of heart, Of mind, finding everywhere, try to find a smooth corner for self streaming and crazy to spend the few moments with the person who am I, where can find the sound of peace, wanted to feel the fragrance of heaven in this world in the form of peace where we can spend time with our real shadow, without buried fear wanted to listen to the instrumental for real peace, where is the way?

Where is the transparent path?

How can reach any appropriate point?

Even mind stocked and it’s the reason to be panic and the reason on tiredness

Where are the brightness of peace?

Any sound of a peaceful world? Ultimately is it the beautifully imaginary world where we can live in peace or just imagining to wondering to live in peace the consenses!

we can live in reality with peace of mind just need is to find a little point come out from the panic situation your strength will be your power, with passion try to find a little drop for entired ocean of peace, from one drop to occasion!

Do focus on tinny drop try to find this inside your heart you will find peace

Can you imagine a little drop can be the cure for the entire tortures of a heavy heart!

A little drop can reach you to the inside depth of the ocean in your heart and through that, you can find your real shadow even, it’s very natural peace come up from inside we just need to know ourselves we need to meet with ourselves to find a little drop inside the heart

Try to go deep through the drop!

Try to find yourself!

For real peace!

Find the drop!

The ocean of peace is hidden inside your heart!


Beautifully coverd people..

When you knew about foe wore cover of adversary some behaved like the sympathetic person that was the right time to work with patience and to keep mouth to shut not because you cowardice its bcz its less authentical people world so to keep mouth to shut cure is to react with a smile

smiled not meet with eyes deeply heart has accepted the hate behind smiles, silently I was laughed on hoaxers I took real me aside accepting the bitter truth while …

It’s a world I have to survive time to keep mouth to shut lips like pink peals need to smile it’s a world I have to survive there was a time when real dudes were with me when I wouldn’t have big things when we’re fighting and after few mints smile together, I still remember my childhood how was making huts with mud after play out I obliterated, I remember when I cried my friends start to cry with me, How innocent those little ones were, I remember when I wouldn’t find a little key of small daily I get to start to crazy and worried to find! How innocent those memories were, perhaps to cherish those moments now.


Now trivialities are different polishing myself with positivity wondering to hear colorful stories more when I know the real truth of beautifully covered people it’s a lesson even we never try to expect many things from anyone just do good but never try to expect any good return from anyone, we only can make anyone good for ourself according to our mindset but it’s only according to us not for others so coming back on point it’s a lesson of life do good see the realities of surrounding accept and move not anyone is as much good as we assume its human nature people show their colors and it does not mean the entire world is like hoaxers not at all but coincidently somewhere we have to face pathetic side too the reason is that life wants us not to be extra humble with anyone just do good and forgot, at somewhere stage life make us and show the other side of people so keep learn and keep growing with positivity.


The ending is the process of beginning

Every ending have a new process of a new journey I never cry on any end I always try to learn from my bit of experiences

I learned how behaviors get change!

I learned how to deal with different kinds of behaviors, I learned how trivialities get change, I learned to accept and try to compromise, I learned how friends start to move on and change, I Learned to behave smoothly with those who hide their evil hearts in the cover frame and show innocence on the face they remove their mask by their behave with time, I learned these things from my bit of experiences Before I never could have fathomed!

It’s a life we have to live, we have to compromise, we have to be happy, we just need to create happiness for ourselves for our trivialities and most importantly we have to live 😊

As per my understanding, I thought everything has a process and yes every process has its end but that does not mean every end is the reason for being panic not at all!

Every ending have a new process of another beginning

Every ending have something for a new start, Every last sunshine ray is the process of a new morning after deep darkness so every end opens the new door of another beginning as per my faith it’s the round process, and in the end, we’ll meet with our last day of life for the final beginning forever


Hurdles create ways

Life is the name of struggling no worries if no one can be supportive remember your skills, remember your little successes start to appreciate yourself its like a curse for toxic people who create hurdles and huddle will turned into transparent way be strong take out fear from mind start to valour get in …

Tahira joyo

Precious ever …

Mother after painful nine months…

when she takes a little part of her in her hands…

The moment when her love on the peak…

In the world, there is no comparison of the love of mother…

If you want to realize the pure love fell her love and care…

In stressed life, in all hustles and bustles don’t forget her sacrifices…

Don’t forget her acceptance when she accepted all the changes in her life…

Don’t forget her young beautiful hands get old…

Don’t forget her beautiful face changed and every wrinkle is the sign of her sacrifice…

Never forget her sacrifices when she was young and beautiful, the time when her Galaxy mind was about your bright future, Now her eyes are deeply in with beautiful soul and she is turned old…

Don’t forget her nights when she couldn’t sleep because of your pain…

Never forget when she shares her breath with little you…

Never forget the process of her black hair turned into shiny silver …

Never forget when she never cry in front of you because she wants you to be brave she wants to remove fear from your mind and wants the valor to get in…

Mother is the sign of purest love ♥

mother is the symbol of unconditional love ♥

Mother is the symbol of beauty in every step of her age ♥

Mother is always precious ♥

Mother is always beautiful …

The way to our paradise is goes beneath her feet…

Tahira joyo